Spotlight – Trello: A Simple Way to Organize, Collaborate and Get Things Done

It’s probably safe to say that most people have things that they need to get done. Some with hard deadlines, soft deadlines and may even a few that don’t have deadlines at all. We have small tasks, large tasks and some may be full-fledged projects.

These projects or tasks may involve just you, a few people or sometimes a full team. Whether it is personal, business or an organization, to get it done right and on time, you need to organize. When it comes to bigger projects involving more people you need to add coordination and collaboration to your list of to-dos.

Now we have a project, that needs to be organized and you need to coordinate with others with deadlines. Sometimes a simple task can easily grow to a large project. And not only that, you may be involved with other projects as well. How will you keep everything straight and working smoothly?


Trello lets you organize, prioritize, and collaborate your projects in a productive and flexible way. Work with any team whether it’s for work, a side project or even planning a vacation.

Features and Specifications

  • Access Trello in a web browser or mobile app
  • Use Kanban boards to organize steps in your process
  • Assign cards (tasks) to users
  • Attach files to cards (tasks)
  • Set deadlines on cards (tasks)
  • Always in-sync across all devices
  • Organize your boards (projects) under teams. A team can be like an organization, business or group of people.
  • 2-factor authentication available
  • Integrate with apps that you already use like Google Drive, Dropbox, GitHub, Jira, Evernote and many more

How to Get Started

To get started using Trello simply go to their site and sign up for a free account. ->



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