Riivue (pronounced “review”) sets out to create the most relevant content with an editorial focus on business, development, technology, and productivity. Written for and about business owners, entrepreneurs, tech consumers, developers, teachers, students, and people who just want to get things done.

Every article, tutorial, product, and service review falls under one or more of the main categories (Business, Development, Technology, and Productivity) with the underlying purpose of teaching people things that are relevant and useful. We strive to make this our “mark” and “core competency ” as we learn and grow ourselves.

You will not find “trivia” or “entertainment” articles on this site. We are also not a “news” site, we don’t simply report about things under the main categories but in some cases, we may report events for the purpose of teaching some type of lesson. For that reason only will you see a “news-like” article here.

Below is a breakdown of how we have structured the categories. The category listed first is the main “subject” and the ones listed after are “modifiers”, in a way the combined categories create a hybrid category. We use “tags” to show other subject material within the article to help with searching and sorting.

Category: Business

Business->Development (e.g. developing a business)

Business->Technology (e.g. technology that is used for a business)

Business->Productivity (e.g being productive in a business setting)

Category: Development

Development->Technology (e.g. technology that helps you develop things like other technology)

Development->Productivity (e.g learn to be more productive in development)

Development->Business (e.g. running a business that specializes in development)

Category: Technology

Technology->Development (e.g. developing technology like software applications)

Technology->Productivity (e.g. using technology productively)

Technology->Business (e.g. running a business that specializes in technology)

Category: Productivity

Productivity->Development (e.g. developing techniques and processes to be more productive)

Productivity->Technology (e.g. technology that helps us be more productive)

Productivity->Business (e.g. business that specializes in helping others be more productive)

Start at the Bottom, Build One Block at a Time

No business can start on top, not even with a lot of money, and Riivue is no different. As of the time of writing this “About” article we are by all definitions a “Start-Up”. Riivue literally just emerged from the inception stage. We value people who are genuine, honest and humble. We feel like businesses should also have these same characteristics, which is why we will continuously evaluate ourselves and encourage feedback from our readers.

About the Founder: John Robinson

I am a mobile and web applications developer for a technology company in Tupelo Mississippi. For me, learning new things is a passion, especially about technology and business. I am also keenly interested in the inner workings of business development. I’m fascinated with the process of how an idea goes from a sketch on a napkin to a respected fortune 500 company.

I have studied programming, business, accounting, marketing, graphic design, and economics. In the past, I have used these skills for the advancement of my former employers business. I ran a successful Drafting and Design business using these skills.
I am constantly, in some way, analyzing trying to figure out better and more efficient ways of doing things. These are just some of the characteristics about myself that contributed to me deciding to design and build this website.

No, publishing articles about business and technology are by no means a new idea. Doing so in an innovative and unique way is what makes Riivue stand out from the rest. Just like Google did not invent the concept of web search. Their revolutionary algorithm and other innovations helped to make web search better.